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Odour Monitoring Ireland Services: Landfill Services

Surface emissions surveying

Landfill surface emissions surveys with our new ODOURHOG with integrated GPS system. This allows us to scan the landfill cap continuously and create surface emissions contour maps using special software. This can be used by the landfill manager to assess the existing emissions of landfill gas from the cap, identify problem area requiring further remediation and subsequently allow the comparison to ascertain the effectiveness of implemented mitigation strategies.

Field Balancing

Landfill gas field balancing surveys using both GA 2000 landfill gas analyser, Static pressure sensors, flow monitoring using either vane or L type pitot measurement. In addition we can directly assess the effectiveness of gas abstraction in the field and identify problems. Mapping of the field is a progressive means of auditing. When we perform an audit we rely on our extensive experience in landfill odour assessment in the landfill sector.

Flux survey's

We can perform flux surveys ascertaining the concentration levels of speciated VOC compounds form the landfill cap, which allow us to perform risk assessment of such emissions. This is performed in accordance with USEPA and European methods.


We have built up extensive knowledge on document management systems that allow for the recording of data, training of personnel on site, dissemination of information throughout the landfill site, which provides a progressive means of controlling emissions form the landfill. The most important aspect of all monitoring and results is that the landfill manager realise the consequences of daily operations and realise the effects on the extraction of gas.

Landfill Gas Modelling

Odour Monitoring Ireland have GASSIM 2 in house and have extensive knowledge of it functioning. In some cases the USEPA model Land gem can provide similar results and more realistic outputs depending on site.

Flares and Utilisation

Landfill flare and gas utilisation assessment using stack monitoring techniques, and efficiency testing. We also examine and identify possible issues with the flaring system including Flame arrestor blocking, Condensate pot sand build-up, blower capacity, Waste licence compliance monitoring and etc.

Life Cycle Analysis

Overall green house gas qualification and life cycle assessment in accordance with LCA techniques. This is becoming a more important area in light of carbon taxing. In addition this holistic approach can be used to identify mechanisms that best suit the site for environmental control.

Odour Monitoring Ireland provide these services.