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ADDRESS Unit 32, DeGranville Court, Dublin Rd, Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland
PHONE (353) 046-9437922
FAX (353) 046-9483696

Odour Monitoring Ireland Services: Stack Monitoring

Flare Gas Analysis and Monitoring.

Total Particulates Monitoring & Flue Gas Analysis.

Stack Emissions Monitoring Services.

Total Particulates Monitoring & Flue Gas Analysis

Isokinetic using our non heated and heated probes both in and out stack. Please see excel sheet for standards.

Odour Monitoring Ireland provide particulate monitoring services:

Stack Emissions Monitoring Services

Odour Monitoring Ireland offers an extensive range of air emissions monitoring services. Monitoring is carried out in accordance with MCERTS requirements and the Irish EPA's Air Emissions Monitoring Guidance Note 2.

Odour Monitoring Ireland provide emissions monitoring in accordance with the relevant standards.